Perfectly designed

A new location, greater space requirements, optimised processes, higher energy efficiency … There are plenty of good reasons to build a new industrial building or expand an existing one.  


Whether it’s single or multi-aisle, one or two-storey, stand-alone or with attached office buildings, our industrial building systems can all be customised to suit your individual requirements. If you like, we can even fit your industrial building out with everything you need, including cranes and lifting technology, loading docks, and temperature controls. These include crane and lifting technology, loading areas, temperature monitoring and intelligent lighting control.

  • Sophisticated load-bearing structures with minimal reliance on ceiling supports 
  • Bright and inviting working atmosphere 
  • Pioneering mechanical and electrical equipment (M&E) 
  • Fire alarms and firefighting equipment 
  • Creation of an energy concept 
  • Zero-Carbon Solar Power to cover electricity needs (with power storage, if needed)
  • Applications for appropriate financial support options 
  • Flexibility to accommodate changes of use and expansions 

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Ask any logistics provider about their priorities and speed will be high on the list from as early as the construction phase. Our systematised processes allow us to plan and build warehouses in next to no time, creating the perfect space for transporting, picking and storing goods that falls precisely in line with your material flows – including automatic linkage of storage and transport and loading technology.  

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The future of industrial buildings is green

Whether it’s well-insulated shells, energy-efficient mechanical and electrical equipment or external facilities at the heart of nature, the dynamic developments we are seeing in logistics and industry call for new concepts to make industrial buildings ever more sustainable.

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