Virtual exploration of
GOLDBECK products

Explore a GOLDBECK multi-storey car park virtually

What’s down this way? A digitally recreated GOLDBECK multi-storey car park! Here you’ll see what really distinguishes our car park layout design: minimum use of ceiling supports, various parking space widths and clear orientation from entrance to exit.


Explore a GOLDBECK industrial building virtually

Explore logistics or production spaces, view mezzanines and loading areas, and see sprinkler systems and outdoor spaces. Welcome to our virtual warehouse building!

Explore a GOLDBECK residential building virtually

Drop by for a visit to our virtual residential building – fully furnished and flooded with light! The living room, bedroom, nursery, kitchen and bathroom in our sample flat will show you just how inviting affordable living space can be.


GOLDBECK System Center

Here, we live by the principle, „Talking is good, but showing is better!” Many details can be clarified through a personal meeting here. After all, it gives you the opportunity to see things for yourself – whether by walking through actual building prototypes or with the help of virtual reality. Things that might have seemed overly technical are suddenly easier to grasp, because you can literally reach out and touch them. This makes our clients particularly enthusiastic as they anticipate their future building. And most important of all: it provides our clients with a solid factual basis for making decisions that will have long-term effects.